I’m relatively new to pastels, but after many years of jumping back and forth from medium to medium, my two favorites are ink, Watercolor and soft pastels! 

I should probably buy stock in Dick Blick, because of the embarrassing amount of different materials I’ve been buying. But I’ve discovered my favorites!

1.Uart sanded papers- love them even just for Watercolors! Beautiful effects! You’ll see what I mean.

2.Great American Art Works Pastels- soft, but not too soft and beautiful colors! My husband bought me a large landscape set that I can’t wait to use!

3.My other favorite pastel, I think it’s slightly softer, Terry Ludwig pastels.

I’ve created some beautiful portraits with Terry Ludwig pastels.

4.MaimeriBlu Watercolors- beautiful!

Sanded papers have a “tooth”, that is to say you depend on the tooth for layering. So any under painting should not lay on thick to take up your amount of tooth left. I prefer the 400 because, for me, it’s the perfect amount.

I took the 9 x 12″ Uart paper and cut it in half- I love small paintings! I first make my sketch with pencil and then start sketching with ink.

Higgins is another old stand by ( I think this is really old bottle). While it’s still wet I sometimes like to spritz it with water to create an ink wash. However when it’s dry it’s waterproof.

After I dry it gently with my hairdryer I start applying the Watercolors. * Focus on cool colors ( blue & purple) and warm ( yellow, orange and reds) areas!

I love painting landscapes because it gives me freedom to explore and create without borders.

This is my finished painting, I probably will keep trying new ways of doing things with color related to tones, but learning is a process so there’s no such thing as failure. As artists we strive and seek our whole lives. My favorite quote is by Van Gogh;

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. ~ Vincent Van Gogh 

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