As an Artist I attend local Art Festivals. One of the things I dislike is transporting frames. I’m mainly a Watercolor and Pastel artist, so it’s been an unfortunate necessity.

I tried a new method for selling and displaying my artwork. In addition I’m showing how I use masking fluid for some of my students who are interested.

I buy Arches paper blocks (140lb), because they’re easy to use and Arches is my favorite! 

This is a 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ block. I first mask off the poppies so I can start painting the background. I use Pebeo Drawing Gum and a stylus. 

I usually at least my colors two tones darker in between maskings.

I then create more poppies and grass with the masking fluid.

After it dries, I remove all the masking fluid.

Now I can start painting my poppies, petal by petal.

After I’m finished I let it dry thoroughly.

I’m using my 5 x 7″ wood blocks.

I sealed the sides of my wood block with a clear polyurethane and let dry. I also used an acrylic glazing medium cover the surface of the panel to adhere to the watercolor paper.

I turned over the the block with attached paper and placed something heavy on top to keep it flat and left it over night.

Using an exacto knife I carefully cut the paper to fit. I also lightly sanded the sides of the paper with fine sandpaper to keep it slightly from the edge, and then used the glazing medium and carefully touched the paper along the sides to seal it.

I let it dry over night and used wax to cover the surface of the paper. I repeated covering it with wax two more times every few hours.

The wax gave it a beautiful sheen! Love it!