This is my Pastel Painting I call Pretty Pink Poppies. 11 x 14″ in a White 16 x 20″ matting. It’s available in my Etsy Shop. $75.00

I’ve recently decided to give it a go being a full time Artist, making money at what I love.

Over the years I’ve used so many mediums, Acrylics, Oils, Ink, Pencil, Airbrush, etc. etc…… I could spend all my time doing large Art pieces and have in the past, but not really selling much. The problem is the more time we spend, the more we have to charge.

I managed to get a job at our Michael’s store teaching classes, doing fun UV glow in the dark painting parties at a local business once a month and teaching mixed media at one of the Art centers. I also sell at some of the local Art festivals a few times a year, sometimes doing pretty well.

In order to try and supplement my income I need to come up with creative ideas that I can create relatively quickly but that sell. And most importantly I love to do!

I bought some pastels probably about 15 years ago that I unpacked and tried working with again. I love the rich pigments and the immediacy of them. Down side, they need to be behind glass and they’re relatively fragile until then. But the beauty of the colors and the possibilities they bring intrigue me. So I’m on a journey to create, enjoy and hopefully make some money in the process.