It seems like most Artists,  go through generally the same phases early in life. Starting out very detailed using pencil, then on to composition then color. As a child my goal was to get as detailed as I could using fine lines and letting the amount of time I spent determine whether it was a successful piece. I’m now trying to almost go backward and create with less detail, which you’d think would be easy :/, but it’s not!

Today, abstracts and Impressionistic Paintings are in more demand. They leave the viewer searching for stories and hidden meaning in the Artwork. So to try and help myself paint this way, I’ve found some useful tricks!

  1. If you have glasses or contacts, take them off (if your eyesight is bad, put them back on!) Lol.
  2. Paint with dim light so you see mainly composition and values.
  3. Limit your time to paint or sketch.
  4. Try creating very small pieces like ATC’s (Art Trading Cards) which are fun and let you be creative quickly.
  5. Use one brush or a palette knife. Force yourself to not get detailed.